The room in which projects originate: concepts for series and films, stories for the net, adverts. Here ideas are developed, free, as far as possible, from preset goals or constraints.
A space for inspiration and creative impulses – texts, outlines, images, music.
In the White Room, everything is tested, sorted out, played with, worked with until the project is finally ready to go. This room is free for as long as possible from limitations and preconceptions. The only fixed aim is the creation of a good story.

The White Room is the universe of all ideas.


The final staging point and the conclusion on the creative process.
This is the place for final checks before the project is offered to the public.
Here the product is examined and tested from all angles for the final time.
The aim is to create audio-visual works that provide people with reliable confirmation in their fundamental beliefs and values, or works which, in contrast, question these and force people to reconsider and to re-adjust their positions.

All of this reaches its pinnacle in the BLACKROOM.


It may go without saying, but it should be said. It is the real world and not the world of the media that is the real origin of the stories we tell and the films we make. The world of our experiences and discoveries, our personal, political and social environments, our involvements. We are interested in people: in their worries and fears, in their hopes and dreams.  That is why we value films which, beyond simply entertaining, display an attitude and take a stance: films which, as we used to say, send a message.

„The medium is not the message!“