WHITEROOM|BLACKROOM is new on the scene.

We, Herwig Fischer and Martin Koch are not.

We have been working in the business for 25 years. We have worked in different sectors – editing, creative production, writing and directing – in productions in a wide range of genres: comedy, drama, crime thrillers, hospital drama, children’s entertainment, commercials…

Our experience also encompasses the widest variety of forms and means of production:

  • Film – Video – Computer / photochemical, analog, digital
  • Unicameral system – Multi-camera system – Live editing
  • Fiction, Documentaries, Hybrid forms
  • Purely studio productions
  • Productions in other European countries
  • Series formats: classical, partially animated, fully animated
  • LIVE, including staged fiction for a public of millions

Together this amounts to over 300 hours of broadcast material: series episodes, TV movies and cinema films, staged, produced developed and supervised.

In this time, we have gathered the widest range of ideas, all of which we have tested and many of which we then rejected. For some of the ideas the time was not right, for some we were not yet ready.

In the meantime, the media world has taken a fundamentally new direction: the renaissance, growth, and development of serial narration coupled with the use of the internet.

Innovative styles of narration have arisen, new perspectives on what we call reality. International companies such as Netflix, Amazon and Sky have created streaming platforms that make it possible to tell new stories or to tell timeless stories anew. The whole world is fascinated by these new projects. The development is not over yet. Not by a long way!

We are sure that the journey will continue in the coming years and new discoveries will be made, both with respect to the use of the internet and the resulting opportunities for new modes of narration and new content.

There will be new, exciting stories to be told in new exciting ways.

We are looking forward to that.